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Hydrogen Products

Hydrogen Rich Water Improves Your Life and Your Health with antioxidants…

water bottle

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Portable Hydrogen-Rich Ionizing Water Bottle

Improve your way of life with the latest in Hydrogen-Rich Antioxidant water technology. Not only is it super portable, it is affordable too.

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water pitcher

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Family Hydrogen Water Pitcher

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Hydrogen water can neutralize ROS, or Reactive Oxygen Species, which are notorious for destroying healthy cells or distorting DNA. Hydrogen-Rich Water, or hydrogenated water, contains active hydrogen ions which behave like powerful antioxidants in your body. The ions help eliminate oxygen free radicals that contribute to the onset of illnesses and are ultimately responsible for the aging process.

Besides, thanks to healthy minerals dissolved in the Hydrogen-Rich Water, it tastes good too.

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Hydrogen Cups

Hydrogen Cups

You don't have to settle for tap water from your faucet or just overpriced bottled water. Enjoy drinking Hydrogen Rich healthy water infused with some of the purest minerals in the world like magnesium and alkali. Just pour water into our 16-oz. hydrogen cup, and the minerals will be infused to make delicious and healthy Hydrogen Rich Water in as little as 20 minutes. Perfect to prepare before your workout and enjoy the benefits after…


How They Work

The magnesium and other minerals coated on the inside of this cup will alkalize and add hydrogen molecules to your water. Just pour the water into the cup to let it infuse. The higher quality of water you pour in, the better water you will get out. This is a cost effective way to get hydrogen molecules in your water and your life.

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Hydrogen Rich Bath Spa Bag

Enjoy Your Own Private Hydrogen Rich Spa

Feel renewed and refreshed when you soak in a bath of Hydrogen Rich Water. Bring the spa to your own bathtub with a Hydrogen Rich Bath. Two scoops of this powder produce bubbles and Hydrogen Molecules that will last for up to 3 hours. You'll experience comfort and pain relief from an all-natural source. Element 1 Water's Hydrogen Bath is great for many conditions, including those that impact lung function. We recommend that you take 20 minutes to soak in your soothing bath to experience the full benefits of this product. This bag is one kilogram and will provide 20 baths.

Oriental countries have been improving their health with Hydrogen Therapy for many years, our formula was imported from Japan.

Hydrogen / Alkaline Water Bag Plus

Place this Hydrogen Water Bag Plus into a glass of water or a flask to produce healthy Hydrogen / Alkaline rich water anywhere. Now you can have healthy water anywhere!!!

6 Pack

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