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Portable Healthy Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen Therapy To Better Health

Water is essential to all living things on Earth. In fact, places around the world (Lourdes France and Mt. Fuji) have been known to produce Hydrogen Rich water with healing properties. You don't have to travel to far away locations to enjoy these benefits when you choose Element 1 Water. We harness all of the positive traits of this body-enriching water to help you increase your health and comfort at an affordable price. Enjoy the power of Hydrogen-Rich Water and Hydrogen Bath Therapy for yourself.

The Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Water Bottle

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Portable Hydrogen-Rich Ionizing Water Bottle

Improve your way of life with the latest in Hydrogen-Rich Antioxidant water technology. Not only is it super portable, it is affordable too.

Hydrogen Products

Water Pitcher

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Family Hydrogen Water Pitcher

(Pre-order available in September)

Hydrogen water can neutralize ROS, or Reactive Oxygen Species, which are notorious for destroying healthy cells or distorting DNA. Hydrogen-Rich Water, or hydrogenated water, contains active hydrogen ions which behave like powerful antioxidants in your body. The ions help eliminate oxygen free radicals that contribute to the onset of illnesses and are ultimately responsible for the aging process.

Besides, thanks to healthy minerals dissolved in the Hydrogen-Rich Water, it tastes good too.

Hydrogen Products

Hydrogen Bath

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Hydrogen Rich Bath

Our products will improve your way of life for as little as $59.99 for a full month of 20 Hydrogen Baths and $24.99 for the Hydrogen and Alkaline producing cup. Both of these incredible products can help you live a healthy lifestyle and also address health problems like Diabetes, Alzheimer's and so many others…

Experience the healthy therapeutic experience of Hydrogen-Rich drinking water and after a long day of work or exercise enjoy the health benefits of a Hydrogen Rich Bath that can aid you in treating ailments. Pain relief is as easy as adding two scoops of our Hydrogen Producing Powder and soaking for 20 minutes.

Hydrogen Products

Antioxidant capacity of 1.5L hydrogen water is comparable to these fruits or vegetables.


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Let hydrogen water improve your health
with our products.

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